Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jaycee's First Haircut

We finally took Jaycee in for her first haircut. I was waiting for the sides to grow out long enough that she wouldn't look bald if we cut it. Yeah!! no more mullet!!

She sat so still and let the stylist do his job.

Look at the length of that braid.

The Front V iew

From the Back

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween 2011

Cameron the Knight
Jorie aka Snow White
Jaycee our little ladybug! (This was after the trick-or-treating. Before they left she was crying hysterically trying to take off her costume. A few houses into it and she realized she got candy she quickly changed her tune.)
Our Pumpkins
Cameron's Knight
Jorie's Rapunzel
Jaycee's Tinkerbell

The Witch Festival

Our neighbor invited us to go see the witches at Garnder Villiage. We had a blast!

The Cute Girls

My Crew
Their favorite one.

Fall Break 2011

For Fall Break this year we went to visit Grandma and Papa in Idaho. For me it is always relaxing. I am able to forget the rest of the world for a few days and the kids love the adventure.
My dad was working on reshingling the roof so we got to help. I was surprised that the kids had no fear. They were up and down the ladder all day. Jaycee just wanted to run up there, so she got very limited time on the roof. Jorie would climb down the ladder, collect twigs, climb back up and then proceed to throw the twigs off the roof on the opposite side to watch the cats run for them. It kept her busy for hours.

Jorie Up & Down

Removing the old shingles

Jaycee and Jorie (don't you love the CHEEEESE!)
While we were there we took the kids (and John) to see Shoshone Falls for the first time. We were surprised by the amount of water still flowing this time of year. It was beautiful.
The Niagra of the West
Papa with the kids, admiring the falls
Jaycee, Papa, Cosette & John
Another Shot! Wow!
While we were there we picked apples. We brought home 6 boxes. Yummy! There was a squash growing in this apple tree.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Jaycee Making us Laugh

Poor Jaycee. She doesn't get as much camera/blog time as the other two. She is like her mom. She doesn't really like to pose for pictures, but we finally caught her this time. Isn't she adorable?

Jorie's 1st day of Preschool

Jorie is attending her second year at Kinderstartin' Preschool. She loves it and was so excited to go back even though she is counting down the days until she is in Kindergarten and gets to go to school with Cameron.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cameron's first day of !st Grade

Well we survived Cameron's first day of 1st grade. It is an adjustment for Cameron, Jorie and I to have Cameron gone all day. I hope it gets easier for all of us as the year goes on. He loves his teacher and is excited to be able to see all of his friends again, so I am sure we will all adjust.